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THE Seen Hock Yeen Temple.
THE Seen Hock Yeen Temple (temple of virtues and education) in the nondescript satellite town of Chemor is finding a place on the tourism map of Perak.
It has been attracting busloads of visitors from outstation on weekends and school holidays in recent years

Hidden in Kampung Cik Zainal Chemor: Worshippers are making a beeline to this Chinese emple and praying for good health, and among other things a good spouse

Located on 1.2ha of former tin mining land about 16km north of Ipoh, the temple has Taoism, Buddhism and Confucian characteristics and is taken care of by volunteers from Chemor and the surrounding villages.
First timers were often surprised to see such a magnificent temple with a pagoda, carp in ponds, images of dragons and lions, calligraphic couplets and crafted buildings hidden off the Chemor-Sungai Siput main road.
Facing the entrance of the temple is an image of Sun Tzu, author of the Art of War.
Temple committee chairman Kong Sik Wah said the 6th Century BC Chinese general was still being worshipped for his military strategies that many found to be applicable in the business world today.
Kong said the main deity worshipped in the temple was the Jade Emperor and a special hall had being built for the deity.

 Intricate and serene: Images of dragons greet visitors and worshippers to the Jade Emperoe Hall at the See Hock Yeen Temple

Images of the major deities worshipped by Taoists and Buddhists including that of Buddha, Goddess of Mercy Guan Yin, Ksitigarbha (Di Zang Wang), and the Four Guardian Kings are also found in the temple.
There is a hall for the sage Confucius and a section for Mazu the Chinese Goddess of the Sea also known as Tin Hau or the Empress of Heaven.
Other interesting features in the temple are images of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac calendar, a 70-metre long bridge where worshippers cross to dispel calamities and to have problems dissolved and a section for prayers to seek a good partner in marriage.

                            Chinese carp swimming in a pond lends the temple garden a sense of tranquility.

In 1977 the temple was moved to its present site and expanded through donations.
“The temple has become tourist attraction and we get busloads of visitors from the northern states and also from Johor in the south on weekends and holidays.
“Some came to pray for good health, recovery from sickness, steady business operations, a smooth career, a good marriage partner, a happy family and academic excellence for their children.
“There have also been visitors from Singapore, Indonesia Japan and South Korea, he added.
The temples address is 11/2, Railway Station Road, Kampung Cik Zainal Tambahan 1, 31200 Chemor, Perak.
To reach it, take the left turn after passing the railway bridge and drive for about 2km.

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